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Contractor: Asphalt, Concrete, Excavating, Tree Svc

State : Pennsylvania

Business has the potential of doubling or tripling business in the first year. Located South of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and North of Baltimore, Maryland this high quality general contractor specializes in asphalt, concr...

Owners Cash Flow: $285,000.00
Price : $975,000.00 USD

Lawn Sprinkler Design, Install and Repair Services

State : Colorado

Located north of Denver, Colorado, this specialty trade contractor provides lawn sprinkler installation, testing and repair to residential and commercial customers. The company’s primary services include back flow testin...

Owners Cash Flow: $73,000.00
Price : $250,000.00 USD

All-Inclusive Retail: Animal Feed, Ag Chemicals & Seed

State : Texas

ALL INCLUSIVE! Located south of Abilene, Texas, This a retail operation provides agricultural supplies to farmers, ranchers and individuals. The company’s primary products are cattle and horse feed. Offering these produc...

Owners Cash Flow: $30,000.00
Price : $300,000.00 USD

Manufacture, Repair and Welding of Metal Products

State : Texas

This Texas business located near Fort Worth specializes in the manufacture, repair and welding of all types metal products such as steel, aluminum or bronze. This successful company has approximately 400 clients and has ...

Owners Cash Flow: $85,000.00
Price : $1,500,000.00 USD

Veterinary Services, Consulting and Animal Health Supplies

State : Texas

This Veterinary Hospital and clinic is located south of Dallas/Ft. Worth near central Texas. The business specializes in a full service mixed animal practice providing licensed veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and ...

EBITDA : $187,000.00
Owners Cash Flow: $295,000.00
Price : $1,750,000.00 USD

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Residential Landscaping and Sprinkler System Installation

State : Texas

This South Central Texas based business is located in close proximity to Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Corpus Christi and specializes in landscaping and irrigation in both commercial and residential arenas. The compan...

Owners Cash Flow: $62,000.00
Price : $500,000.00 USD

Feed, Fertilizer Sales and Farm Supplies

State : Texas

This retail, service business located in NE Texas near Texarkana sells bulk fertilizer, feed, plants, seed, hardware, livestock and farming equipment and lawn and garden items. This well-known business has a longstanding...

Equipment, and Inventory are included
Price : $500,000.00 USD

Bulk Feed, Farm Supplies and Supplements to Dairies

State : Texas

This North Central Texas based business, located near Ft. Worth, specializes in bulk feed, farm supplies and supplements to dairies with a major subsidiary of custom farm work, primarily lagoon de-watering. They offer va...

EBITDA : $1,075,000.00
Equipment is included
Price : $7,000,000.00 USD

Ag Equipment MFG: Heaters, Furnaces & Sprayers

State : Iowa

Currently experiencing ample growth, year end sales expected to reach $1.5M! This agricultural equipment manufacturing business is located in central Iowa. They specialize in commercial greenhouse equipment, agricultural...

EBITDA : $229,081.00
Owners Cash Flow: $397,000.00
Price : $1,500,000.00 USD

Commercial Landscaping Services, Design & Irrigation

State : Texas

This landscaping services business is located near Houston, Texas. They specialize in commercial landscaping services, including maintenance, design, and irrigation. This business only hires extremely qualified personnel...

EBITDA : $203,000.00
Owners Cash Flow: $272,000.00
Price : $1,600,000.00 USD

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