IAG Announces Sale of Canadian Business

9/29/2011 12:00:00 AM

IAG announced today that it has sold a Retail Hot Tub, Patio Furniture and Appliances Company in Western Canada. A Corporate Buyer, also located in Western Canada, acquired the business after a short timeframe of less than six months.

The recently sold Patio Company is one of the largest in the area. They are dedicated to improving customers' backyards and outdoor spaces with a wide variety of items, including grills, furniture and pool lining. The Patio Company is very established in its area and is an accredited member of the BBB.

IAG provided a business valuation and confidential business review through a third party valuation team, so that the current business owner could know what his company was worth at fair market value and could then be more informed when dealing with potential buyers. IAG also advertised the business and its assets through various merger and acquisition websites, as well as going through its own database of buyers to see if there was a possible deal to be made. IAG quickly analyzed that this Patio Company would be a perfect match for some of our buyers and, after only being on the market for 6 months, a transaction between the pool company and the Corporate Buyer was finalized with the help of IAG's services.

The Corporate Buyer was interested in making a lateral move in the retail industry, and the business he purchased allowed him to do just that while staying in a specified region.

The Patio Company was delighted to find that the corporate buyer was offering more than the actual listed price of the business, and that it would be a majority cash transaction.

If potential clients have questions regarding IAG and how the company can help them sell or purchase a business, they may contact Jason Hullender at 877-497-0693 or at info@intlag.com. The IAG website at intlag.com is also available for more information.

We help you prepare for the sale of your business and introduce you to serious buyers. We use a very effective strategy employed by Wall Street Mergers and Acquisition firms scaled to the needs of the small business.

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