We can prepare your business for sale and help you sell it for top dollar!

Selling a business can be a complex and daunting task even for the most experienced business owner.  When deciding on your company’s future it is imperative that you are prepared, realistic, patient and able to make rational decisions about selling and see the plan through.  IAG’s thorough approach to evaluating and marketing businesses allows us to help you plan the sale of your business which will put you in a much better position to succeed.

By using our proven methods derived from Wall Street Investment Banks, you can take advantage of IAG's extensive experience to determine your readiness to sell, set an asking price that optimizes the dollars to you while minimizing the time to sell, matches serious buyers and helps with the transactional needs to close the deal.

IAG uses a proven 4 step process to prepare and market your business:

Step 1 - Analysis and Valuation

Understanding your motivation to sell and the analysis of your business will help us determine the best method, price and target buyer for your business. more....

Step 2 - Marketing Preparation

Prepare your business for sale with advertising and marketing material and a marketing plan specific to your business and location. more ....

Step 3 – Advertising.

We market and advertise your business to serious buyers in our database as well as on other internet listing websites. This will be done in a confidential manner to avoid risk. more ....

Step 4 - The Transaction

Once a serious buyer has been identified, We can support your transactional needs in a variety of ways from a For Sale By Owner model to full transactional support. more ....

Utilize our technology to quickly match your business to the buyers in our system!

By using our system and services, you will be exposed to the many buyers in our system. Our matching system is unsurpassed and allows you anonymous introduction and contact with buyers. The system can facilitate the introduction, negotiation, due diligence and closing processes.

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About Us

IAG, LLC is a business intermediary consulting firm, facilitating the buying and selling of businesses. For more than 25 years the Management Team has been a leader in the industry and has helped the owners of privately-held companies "cash in" on all their hard work and get the best payoff possible.

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