Step 2: Marketing Preparation


Now that the analysis of your business is complete and an asking price agreed and justified, preparation of the marketing material necessary to attract serious buyers is generated during this step in advance of advertising your business.

This step generates a number of marketing and advertising pieces to support the promotion of the company to buyers. These products include the following. (Click on the images to see samples.)

Business Profile. This is used online in the posting on IBS and other posting websites. It also forms the basis for other description pieces. The seller approves the profile before it is used.

Confidential Business Offering Flyer.

   This is a one page synopsis of the business and is used to entice the buyer to ask for more information.

Business Offering Report.
  This is a marketing piece with much of the same information in the valuation but does not include the valuation algorithms. As with the valuation, the scope of this document is based upon the size of the business.


Marketing Strategy. This is a recommendation about how to market the business. It includes mention of the posting sites, industry specific channels and a list of strategic buyers who may be interested in the business. This document is useful for the FSBO client and gives him a road map to follow on promoting the business.

Digital Media Presentation. This is a 2‐3 minute video presentation that is posted on the IAG and IBX websites. It is modeled after real estate listings and provides a quick way for the buyer to assess his interest as well as a way for the seller to beef up the presentation. The DMP is optional. 

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