Step 3 Advertising

This Step begins when the asking price has been established and all of the marketing materials have been generated. The Business Profile is posted on the IAG and IBX websites as well as on one or more of the following internet posting sites:

  • BizQuest
  • BizBuySell
  • Others

These techniques are used to drive buyers to your listing and to entice them to inquire about your business.

Note also that buyers who are already in the IAG system will be notified of your entrance to the market. This may generate an initial burst of buyer traffic and activity to your listing.

Make Market:

If you are using the optional Make Market program, the following additional techniques are used:

  • The Digital Media Presentation (DMP) is included with your listing on the IAG and IBX websites.
  • The DMP is submitted to the video search engines to generate Google traffic directly to your listing.
  • Pay Per Click advertising is employed to further direct buyers to your specific listing.
  • The Marketing Plan developed in Step 2 is implemented. This may involve "blind' (confidential) contact with potential strategic buyers and competitors to assess their interest in expanding their business.

The best results from the Advertising campaign is to attract several serious buyers at the same time who are interested in your business. This can create an urgency on the part of the buyers and a competitive environment to more rapidly cause the buyers to enter serious negotiation and the due diligence activities associated with the Transaction, Step 4.

Buyer Screening

You are generally operating within IAG's For Sale by Owner (FSBO) model so that buyer screening, contact, interviews and negotiations are your responsibility unless you elect one or more of the Transaction models available by IAG and MCBI.

The transaction models that are available include:

  • For Sale by Owner (FSBO)
  • FSBO with mentoring by MCBI
  • Chaperon Service through MCBI's Transaction Specialists
  • Full Service Broker Referral

Each of these models have advantages depending upon your skills and desire to handle the transaction yourself. The Transaction Models are further discussed in Step 4.  more....

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